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With our NewsletterTech subscription system you can easily let users subscribe to your newsletter without having to program a single line of code. We check your data for validity and store it, take care of having the subscriptions acknowledged by your users and provide means for you to access your data. Plus we provide subscription statistics.

Best of all: Our service is completely free. To keep this service free, every customer is asked to link to this page, though.
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What we offer
Easy subscriptions and unsubscriptions
We provide an HTML form to integrate into your site. The integration takes less than 5 minutes. You can change the form according to your needs. Adobe Flash is also supported. The end user does not even notice that we manage the subscriptions for you.
You do not need any programming language like PHP, Java (JSP)...
Feedback during subscriptions and unsubscriptions
Each email address is checked for validity. Subscribing the same email address twice is prevented.
Secure storage of data
Email adresses that we receive are not shared with any 3rd party. We save your data in a highly secured environment and guarantee not to send any emails to those adresses except for activation-confirmation emails.
RSS Statistics about subscriptions
We provide an rss feed where you can always see how many users subscribed or unsubscribed from your newsletter every day.
Full customization
You can fully customize every success or error page during subscription and unsubscription, and every email that is sent to a user.
Double Opt-In subscription to prevent abuse
We automatically send an email to every subscribed user which needs to be acknowledged to complete the subscription. You can fully customize this email by sending us your own template.
CSV export of your subscribed users
Programming API to get access to your subscription data
You can use our comfortable SOAP Webservice API to fetch a list of your subscribed users in your favourite programming language.

Example of a newsletter subscription form using our service:

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